Treatment of herbal hair loss within days


Methods of treating hair loss with herbs and natural oils to urge cohesive and dense hair and obtain obviate the matter of hair loss and brittleness

Hair loss may be a problem facing many, whether men or women, and a few may resort to creams and chemicals which will harm the hair quite they benefit .. Below we study the herbs and natural resources useful in treating hair loss for ladies and men, also because the best herbs and natural oils to accentuate and protect hair From rupture.

Olive oil recipes for hair loss treatment

First method:

To get obviate the matter of hair loss, a cup of vegetable oil is mixed with an amount of garlic peel, and therefore the mixture is well mixed, then the mixture is placed during a pot on the hearth, and it’s boiled over a quiet fire for five minutes, then the hair and scalp are applied with the mixture 3 times each day for a period every week to urge the simplest results.

The second method:

50 grams of cotton seeds are added to a cup of vegetable oil and left to soak for 2 days, then brush the hair and scalp with soaked twice each day, and therefore the recipe is repeated for every week to eliminate the matter of hair loss quickly.

Thyme to treat hair loss

Wild thyme is placed during a liter of boiling water and left on the stove until half the water evaporates, then we remove the bowl from the stove, and put the thyme after its temperature has calmed down on the scalp and hair and rubbed well, and therefore the recipe is repeated once every week.

Henna leaf to eliminate hair loss

1. 50 grams of henna leaves finely ground, then add a cup of vegetable oil.

2. Mix the ingredients together well, then put the mixture on the scalp and hair within the evening, and leave it until the morning on the hair.

3. Wash the hair well with lukewarm water and shampoo, and repeat the method for 3 days.

Natural herbs and oils to accentuate hair and protect it from falling

Onion juice: you’ll massage the scalp with onion juice once each day before showering. It works to guard against hair loss and quickly germinate hair.

• Castor oil: Anointing the scalp with a mix of purgative and vinegar helps treat hair loss.

Vinegar: Dip the comb in a mixture of vinegar and water, then comb the hair with it. This recipe works to treat hair loss and strengthen its roots.

• Olive oil: The scalp is massaged with vegetable oil daily before bed, then covered until morning, and after awakening, the hair is washed with water, and this recipe works on hair growth and prevention of hair loss.

Cucumber: Cucumber is squeezed in an electric mixer, and cucumber juice is placed on the hair to stop it from rupture.

• Salt water helps to urge obviate the matter of hair loss, and you’ll massage the scalp with salt water to accelerate the expansion of hair follicles.

Garlic juice: massaging the scalp daily within the evening with garlic juice helps protect hair roots and stop hair loss.

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